…Allied Portraits: MAP graduation ceremony

This will be the last slideshow in the Madison Apprenticeship Program series.

At this point, I hope I’ve written enough about MAP that you have a good idea of what the program does and who’s involved.  If not, there’s plenty you can catch up on below, or in this initial article I wrote on MAP.

When I started this project in September, my primary focus was to cover Madison poverty.  I’m a little sheepish to admit that the project you see began with such a narrow-minded and somewhat naïve objective.  I had good intentions, but the desire to write about the poor and poverty-stricken members of our community now seems incredibly limited and vaguely offensive.  After all, how many of us would really like to be the face of poverty, however we interpret that word?

In the end, I found that questions of economic struggle were eclipsed by bigger, more important elements like responsibility, endurance and community reliance.  These words, so banal and unsexy to consider, are incredibly inspiring when they’re acted out instead of discussed.

In the following slideshow includes portions of MAP’s graduation ceremony which took place on January 7.  You’ll hear from the class speaker, Juliette Howard, the city of Fitchburg’s Mayor Shawn Pfaff, and Ms. Diana Shinall.  Diana’s daughter sang the solo that threads the audio.

Click to watch slideshow


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